Increasing Awareness of IUDs & Implants

Beyond the Pill partners with health and educational organizations to educate young people about their contraceptive options, including the IUD and contraceptive implant.

To promote education, we offer:

  • Educational tools. We provide patient and student educational tools at low or no cost. These colorful, engaging materials and resources are specially designed for adolescents and young adults and include videos, posters and counseling tools.
  • Educational presentations. We design educational presentations tailored to specific audiences including patients, college students, high school students and peer health educators. These presentations focus on increasing young people’s awareness of their contraceptive options, including IUDs and implants, and dispelling myths and misinformation about these methods.
  • Online content. We work closely with our partners to develop tailored content for websites and social media with the goals of increasing awareness of the safety, efficacy, and availability of contraceptives, including long-acting methods.
  • Training for educators and health staff. We provide CME-accredited training on IUDs and implants to educators, outreach staff, health center staff and clinicians. These trainings focus on best practices, education and counseling techniques, IUD insertion skills, and reduction of barriers to provision.
  • Technical assistance. We offer on-going technical assistance to promote awareness and access to the full range of contraceptive methods, including curriculum development, support of educational and outreach activities, strengthening of referral networks and reduction of logistical barriers to provision.​

Patient looking at birth control education materials.