High school students come together to discuss how they can help to reduce unplanned pregnancy through education and advocacy.

Teens holding birth control methods

Beyond the Pill partners with high schools and youth organizations to engage students and peer leaders in discussions about teen pregnancy prevention and family planning. In March 2015, we participated in the California Student Health Alliance’s Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Conference and presented to both youth peer leaders and adult health professionals partnered with school-based health centers.

Student and youth leaders engaged in lively discussions on teen pregnancy and family planning and considered the role they can play in supporting efforts around teen pregnancy prevention in their schools. Adult professionals were able to learn about the most effective contraceptive methods and gain information and skills to support efforts in their organizations and communities to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

About California School-Based Health Alliance & Youth-to-Youth Network
The California School-Based Health Alliance is a statewide nonprofit organization that aims to improve the health and academic success of young people by advancing school-based health services. Their Youth-to-Youth (Y2Y) Network selects students across California school sites to be peer leaders for health in their schools and home communities with the goal of supporting student success and developing future leaders.

Students serve as health advocates and liaisons by working with their school-based health clinics to promote access to health services and support healthy behaviors among their peers. These students participate in various health-related events and trainings, including an annual Youth-to-Youth Conference, where health affiliated organizations gather to inform young students about their projects and up-to-date health information.