January 11, 2017
Infographic: Improving contraceptive care for more than 1 million women each year

Beyond the Pill is proud to announce that we have now reached more than 1 million contraceptive clients served annually by health care providers who completed our training.

Our award-winning training helps to expand women’s access to high-quality counseling and the full range of contraceptive methods, including IUDs and implants. It has been shown to reduce unintended pregnancies by half among young women through improvements in counseling and access to highly effective, long-acting methods.

In the New Year we’ll continue working to improve contraceptive care for the next million women. We also look forward to sharing new research findings in 2017, and continuing to provide our popular patient education materials to clinics and health centers across the country. Now it is more important than ever to support contraceptive access.

As we celebrate this major accomplishment, we want to thank all of the providers, educators and clinic staff who work with us to complete these trainings and increase access in contraceptive health care.

Improving contraceptive care for more than 1 million women each year. Beyond the Pill has trained more than 4,000 providers nationwide. Award-winning training on contraceptives, highlighting IUDs and implants.