Feature Stories

The team pitches their idea at the conference closing plenary.
At the Youth + Tech + Health (YTH) Live Conference, Beyond the Pill team members Marta Cabral and Jill Eversole, participated in and won the 48-hour Design Challenge.
Access to IUDs and implants
A Child Trends report, based on the study results from the national trial of the Beyond the Pill LARC training intervention, estimates that $12 billion in public health care costs could be saved if all women in the US had access to the most effective contraceptive methods.
Improving contraceptive care for more than 1 million women each year.
Beyond the Pill is proud to announce that we have now reached more than 1 million contraceptive clients served annually by health care providers who completed our training.
Cynthia Harper and other speakers at Women's Equality Day at UCSF
At the event championing women’s rights and reproductive health care, Dr. Cynthia Harper discusses the increased need for contraception in response to the Zika virus epidemic.