Research and Policy

Beyond the Pill has conducted research analyzing multiple aspects of reproductive health care and patient outcomes at Planned Parenthood health centers across the country. Through this research, we have gathered data on patient's reproductive health, provider beliefs and behaviors, and contraceptive care at these health centers. This scientific-evidence will help inform policy to improve contraceptive care nationwide. 

Responding to Patient Concerns about Contraception
Protocol for the Provision of Contraceptive Services via Telehealth
What Is Emergency Contraception (EC)?
How Well Does Birth Control Work?
Policy Brief: Contraceptive Care Policy Brief: Planned Parenthood: Skilled Providers of Contraceptive and High Quality Care

Planned Parenthood providers are specialists in reproductive health care, and offer patient care that stands out for its high quality. Research shows that patients have far greater access to important contraceptive services, such as IUDs, at Planned Parenthood than at other providers.

Policy Brief: Contraceptive Counseling Policy Brief: Impact of Contraceptive Counseling on Patient Health Outcomes and Health Costs

Contraceptive counseling is an important component of contraceptive services for two key reasons: good counseling can lead to improved contraceptive use and patient health outcomes, and in doing so, it can also help to reduce health care costs.

Policy Brief: Medicaid Funding Policy Brief: Medicaid Funding for Planned Parenthood Allows Women to Choose IUDs and Implants

Planned Parenthood provides the essential service of contraception to low-income individuals throughout the US, helping women who otherwise couldn’t afford birth control to participate in the economy and to have healthy families.

Policy brief cover page: STIs Policy Brief: Planned Parenthood Provides Essential Services to Reduce the High Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Unintended Pregnancy in the US

Planned Parenthood is a critical provider of women's health care services in the US and this rigorous research with Planned Parenthood highlights the excellent care to address the STI epidemic and reduce unintended pregnancy.