Live Trainings

Our CME/CE-accredited course, Beyond the Pill: Expanding Reproductive Autonomy and Contraceptive Access, can be adapted to daylong trainings, half-day sessions, or targeted workshops. These trainings are free for eligible sites, interactive, and geared for an all-staff approach.

Trainings have the greatest impact when all staff can participate (clinicians, educators, counselors, administrators, front desk, billing, outreach staff, etc.).
We offer both virtual and in-person live trainings geared to the needs and priorities of your organization, with evaluations to measure training quality and impact.

Beyond the Pill: Expanding Reproductive Autonomy and Contraceptive Access Curriculum

Below, you’ll see descriptions of our training options. Each session is optional and may be presented separately or alongside other modules.

An Evidence-Based Training on Contraceptive Care

Updates, Guidelines & Best Practices
For all clinic staff
Reviews evidence-based guidelines for providing contraceptive care, utilizing counseling approaches designed to support patients in making informed and voluntary choices. We review patient eligibility, compare and contrast side effects and benefits, and discuss common misconceptions. This training can focus on IUDs and Implants or address the full range of contraceptive methods
Contraceptive Counseling Fundamentals
For staff who provide contraceptive counseling
Focuses on patient-centered counseling techniques, shared decision-making, and common contraceptive priorities. Through interactive case studies, participants will become more comfortable responding to common patient concerns around birth control and counseling on side effects using a patient-centered framework.
Clinical Skills Practicum
For clinicians
Reviews medical eligibility for IUDs as well as pain management, patient follow-up, challenging placements and removals, and proctoring considerations. Participants will gain hands-on practice with placement and removal of all FDA-approved intrauterine devices, with individualized support from an expert trainer.


An Update on Emergency Contraception

An Update on Emergency Contraception
For all staff who provide emergency contraception counseling
In this 1-hour specialized training, participants will explore best practices and new developments in the provision of emergency contraception. Topics include: dispelling common myths, mechanisms of action, the role of BMI and weight, and safety and side effects. We will also discuss the resumption or initiation of hormonal contraception after the use of emergency contraceptive pills (ECP), the evidence supporting advanced provision of ECP, and the use of the LNG IUD for emergency contraception.


Practical and Sustainable Steps for Addressing Bias & Patient Concerns in Contraceptive Care

Reproductive Coercion, Justice & Implications for Care
For all staff
This session explores the history of coercive contraceptive practices in the US as well as key principles of the Reproductive Justice movement. Participants will discuss strategies for applying these principles to patient encounters and review counseling practices and clinic policies that uphold patient autonomy.
Implicit Bias and Cultural Humility
For all staff
This session explores implicit bias and how applying the principles of cultural humility can improve the quality of contraceptive care. Through guided exercises and self-reflection, participants practice strategies and techniques to improve clinical outcomes and the patient experience.
Sharing the Science: Applying Shared Decision-Making in Contraceptive Care
For all staff who provide contraceptive counseling or education
This workshop provides an opportunity for learners to discuss the role of shared decision-making in contraceptive counseling. Participants will practice sharing scientific information within this framework review and discuss case studies, and practice offering non-judgmental, patient-centered counseling in common, challenging real-world scenarios, Cases include encounters with patients who have concerns about weight gain, breakthrough bleeding, as well as patients with complex feelings around pregnancy.

Interested in scheduling a training?

For more information or to schedule a training, please contact Erica Somerson, Training Coordinator, at [email protected].


This course is accredited by the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education.