Beyond the Pill Webinars

Beyond the Pill hosts webinars, often in partnership with other organizations, to bring the best science in contraceptive care online for remote learning. Our webinars are designed to enhance contraceptive care by providing the latest scientific evidence and professional recommendations regarding contraceptive methods, patient-centered counseling, ethical guidelines, as well as emerging topics in in the field.


Webinar series on Billing & Coding

This two-part webinar series hosted by Beyond the Pill is specifically designed for staff of abortion providers, however all those working in sexual and reproductive health care will likely find it useful. CME credit is not available for viewing the recorded presentations.

Webinar I: Coding for Office and Telemedicine Visits

This session will review the 2021 AMA/CMS coding rules for evaluation and management (E/M) visits, which are now based on either total time or medical decision making. Dr. Policar will present both basic and advanced case studies to explain the nuances of coding for these visits. Cases will include visits for family planning, sexually transmitted infections, well person periodic health screening, pregnancy verification and counseling.

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Webinar II: Coding for Reproductive Health Office Procedures

This session will focus on coding for in-office procedures including surgical abortion, IUD and implant placement and removal, skin biopsies, and genital wart treatment. Dr. Policar will also cover coding problems that arise at follow-up visits, such as with medication abortion. "Hybrid visits", which start with a telemedicine visit and are followed by an in-person office procedure, will also be discussed. Get your coding questions answered here!


Webinar series with the School-Based Health Alliance

This three-part webinar series hosted by Beyond the Pill in collaboration with the School-Based Health Alliance reviews contraceptive options and counseling methods. Although this webinar series is designed for those who provide contraceptive care and counseling at school-based health centers, it may be useful for anyone who provides contraceptive care or interacts with youth.

Webinar I:  An Introduction to IUDs and the Implant

52 minutes

In the first webinar, we review the latest scientific and professional recommendations for IUDs and implants as part of school-based sexual and reproductive health services. A review of these methods using case-based teaching which illustrate CDC guidelines for patient eligibility with a focus on adolescents helps to give you the foundation you need to be able to discuss IUDs and implants and better equips you to help young people to be able to make a choice among a wide range of contraceptive options.

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Webinar II:  Sharing the Science: Tools for Describing Data Using a Patient-Centered Framework

1 hour 5 minutes

Our second webinar explores key principles of patient-centered counseling and discusses how to offer non-judgmental contraceptive counseling in challenging, real-world situations. We review strategies for addressing misinformation and presenting scientific data about risks, benefits, and side effects of contraceptive methods using a patient-centered approach. While this training is designed primarily for those who provide contraceptive counseling and care, it may benefit anyone who talks with youth about health and/or sexuality.

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Webinar III:  An Ethical Framework for Providing Contraceptive Counseling

1 hour 8 minutes

The third webinar is an opportunity to explore ethical guidelines for providing contraceptive care and counseling. We help examine how unconscious bias can influence the way you talk with young people about their contraceptive options and how different approaches to counseling may advance or hinder reproductive autonomy. An overview of patient-centered counseling will help establish an ethical framework that supports individuals who desire contraception to have access to information about the full range of options and select their method of choice.

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