Educational Materials for Patients and Students

We partnered with Bedsider to create accessible and eye-catching educational materials for patients and students. These materials include counseling charts, posters, brochures and videos. Download these tools using the links below or order printed copies and DVDs using our online order form

How Well Does Birth Control Work?

Chart showing contraceptive options.

Available in the following languages:

What Is Emergency Contraception (EC)?

Chart showing emergency contraceptive options, including information on how to use each method.

Available in the following languages:

Need Birth Control that works after having unprotected sex?

This colorful poster highlights using the Copper T IUD as an effective method for emergency contraception. Available in this poster.

Birth control for your life video thumbnail

Birth Control for Your Life! (Video)

An educational video featuring young women talking about their experiences with different birth control methods, including IUDs, the implant, shot, pill, ring, patch, condoms, and emergency contraception. This video is in English with optional Spanish closed captioning.