Birth Control Education

Beyond the Pill works with partners in a variety of clinic settings throughout the US to promote awareness and access to the full range of contraceptive options, including IUDs and the implant.

With so many birth control options to choose from, patients often feel overwhelmed by choices and clinic staff are often unsure about the best approach to present information about the range of methods available. Beyond the Pill’s tools and resources can help staff educate and counsel patients to ensure that they have adequate information to make an informed choice about the birth control method that is right for them.

Educational tools

Our colorful and engaging patient educational materials include videos, posters, and counseling tools. Clinics can use these tools in waiting rooms to educate patients about various contraceptive options. Our materials can also be used as counseling aids to ensure that patients are informed about the full range of methods available to them.

Our "How Well Does Birth Control Work?" chart is one of our most popular items and is being used in clinics across the United States to help clinic staff present information to patients about their many birth control options. What is important to patients about birth control varies widely among individuals. While method effectiveness is a key consideration for some patients, others may prioritize factors such as bleeding patterns, hormonal side effects, or privacy. Offering the full range of methods and providing comprehensive and unbiased information about their risks, benefits, and side effects can enhance patient satisfaction. While our chart is structured around the effectiveness of the most common methods, it can easily be used as a visual tool and guide to address individual patient preferences and ensure that each patient is empowered to choose the method that they decide is best for them free of coercion.

Our "Oops! Emergency Contraception: Birth Control that Works After Sex" chart also presents patients with their options for emergency contraception in order of effectiveness. Many patients are not aware that the Copper IUD can be used as emergency contraception, and even fewer are aware that it is the most effective form of emergency contraception – nearly 100% effective if inserted within five days of unprotected sex. This chart can be used to help clinic staff discuss emergency contraception with their patients to help them to decide which option will work best for them.

Both charts are available laminated, as tear sheet pads of 50, and poster-sized for placement in exam rooms, restrooms, and waiting areas.

We offer an educational video about birth control that features young women discussing their experiences with different methods. The video, "Birth Control for Your Life," includes information on IUDs, the implant, shot, pill, ring, patch, condoms, and emergency contraception, as well as women talking about their experiences with these methods. Many clinics show the video in the waiting room to educate patients about their options and address common concerns about different birth control methods and side effects. Watching the video helps patients who might be considering a new contraceptive method to be prepared with questions for their provider.

Educational presentations

We work closely with our partners to design presentations tailored to specific audiences, including patients in family planning and primary care settings. Community health educators can also utilize our materials for outreach presentations in the community. These presentations focus on increasing young people’s awareness of the range of contraceptive methods, including IUDs and implants, and dispelling myths and misinformation about these methods.

Please contact Connie Folse to discuss a presentation for your audience. After discussing your audience and setting, the Beyond the Pill team will develop the presentation content and provide it to you, along with a detailed discussion guide and notes, to provide in your settings.