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Expand your skills on your own time with quality contraceptive care training, delivered on demand. Our self-paced training is appropriate for individual providers or clinics seeking asynchronous learning options. 

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Improving Access to the Full Range of Contraceptive Methods, Including IUDs & Implants

  • 1.5 CME/CE credit hours for providers
  • 90-minute training designed for all healthcare providers and clinic staff
  • Ability to move at your own pace
  • Real-world advice from experienced practitioners
  • Special focus on how to implement IUDs and implants into your clinical practice
How to Get Started
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Topics Covered

Thanks to Cardea for their collaboration in the instructional design and development of these modules.

This course is accredited by the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine Office of Continuing Medical Education. 

Billing & Coding for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Staff and Providers 

Originally designed for abortion provider staff members, this two-part webinar series provides key information on billing and coding procedures for all sexual and reproductive health care providers and staff. CME credit is not available for viewing the recorded presentations. 

Webinar I: Coding for Office and Telemedicine Visits 


This session reviews the 2021 AMA/CMS coding rules for evaluation and management (E/M) visits, which are now based on either total time or medical decision making. Professor Dr. Michael S. Policar (UCSF Ob/Gyn Professor Emeritus) presents both basic and advanced case studies to explain the nuances of coding for these visits. Cases include visits for family planning, sexually transmitted infections, well-person periodic health screening, pregnancy verification and counseling.

Watch the Coding for Office and Telemedicine Visits Webinar


Webinar II: Coding for Reproductive Health Office Procedures 


This session focuses on coding for in-office procedures including surgical abortion, IUD and implant placement and removal, skin biopsies, and genital wart treatment. Dr. Michael S. Policar (UCSF Ob/Gyn Professor Emeritus) also covers coding problems that arise at follow-up visits, such as with medication abortion. "Hybrid visits", which start with a telemedicine visit and are followed by an in-person office procedure, are also discussed. 


Providing Contraceptive Counseling and Care to Young People  

This three-part webinar series hosted by Beyond the Pill in collaboration with the School-Based Health Alliance reviews contraceptive options and counseling methods for young people. Although this webinar series is designed for those who provide contraceptive care and counseling at school-based health centers, it contains crucial information for anyone who provides contraceptive care or interacts with youth. 

 Webinar I:  An Introduction to IUDs and the Implant 


National School-Based Health Alliance logo

In the first webinar of this series, we review the latest scientific and professional recommendations for IUDs and implants as part of school-based sexual and reproductive health services. We review these methods using a case-based teaching method that illustrates CDC guidelines for patient eligibility with a focus on adolescents. You’ll come away better equipped to discuss IUDs and implants with young people and help them make an informed choice among a wide range of contraceptive options.