In new research published in Women’s Health Issues, we found that concerns about the cost of contraception are common among women attending community college.

The article was selected as the Women's Health Issues Editor's Choice article for the September/October 2021 issue. As an Editor's Choice selection, it has been made available for free to all readers at the journal website,

Cost concerns are higher among women who are uninsured or publicly insured, yet more than a third of privately insured women are also concerned about the affordability of birth control. Most women are not aware of their state’s family planning program, and fewer than one in five are enrolled in the program. As young people cope with COVID-19’s economic impacts, this study underscores the importance of addressing financial barriers to contraception, including expanding insurance coverage and ensuring access to publicly funded family planning services.

Read more about the study findings on the UCSF Bixby Center website.