Beyond the Pill supports efforts to educate students about effective contraception, including IUDs and implants, on college campuses throughout the US.

Beyond the Pill works with college faculty and health staff to support students to achieve their academic goals by providing them with the information they need to avoid unplanned pregnancy. We provide customized presentations and educational materials on effective contraception, including IUDs and contraceptive implants. College-level instructors and health center staff are using our presentation materials to conduct outreach and education in the classroom. In February 2015, through a collaboration with a clinical instructor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, more than 300 students saw our college student presentation, and several of them commented that the material was very interesting, comprehensive and relevant to them. Bixby’s Beyond the Pill Health Educator was able to phone in before the presentation to give students an introduction, answer questions and provide some context for the discussion of IUDs and implants.

If you would like to use our materials to present in your classroom or as an outreach presentation to a student group on campus, please contact Connie Folse. We would be happy to discuss customizing our presentation to fit your group!

The Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health provided a lecture, video and handout materials regarding contraceptives that [were] extremely useful for my undergraduate elective sexuality course. I also utilized these materials while guest lecturing for a 400-level women’s health course. I appreciated the accessibility of the information for the college population, as well as realistic examples of how LARCs like the IUD and implant are used. Students reviewed these materials favorably, and many listed the Bixby lecture as one of their favorites of the semester. I highly recommend implementing these materials into any course that addresses sexuality, women’s issues or reproductive health.
Lena Hann, MPH, CHES, Clinic Instructor in Community Health, University of Illinois

The lesson on contraceptives was one of the more beneficial lectures, especially for students on a sexually active college campus. It was interesting to see how many forms of contraception are out there and how they suit different people. The video clip on IUDs and implants also cleared up a lot of the myths with these forms of contraception.
International student, University of Illinois

I thought the web lecture from UCSF was a new, enjoyable and innovative way to learn. It was unique and something I have never had in any of my other classes. The guest professor was very knowledgeable.
Male student, University of Illinois

The lecture along with the Skype lecture that we had on birth control and different types of IUDs was extremely interesting. The lecture was packed with information that your gynecologist might not necessarily tell you when they are just prescribing you a typical oral birth control pill. It made it clear that people have options when it comes to birth control.
Female student, University of Illinois